Raw Applesauce

Generally, I eat my apples with peanut butter. Sometimes, though, I get a little tired of that, so I make raw applesauce. It’s healthy, it has nutritional value, your kids will probably like it more than the nasty jarred stuff that’s full of preservatives, etc. You can have it as a side dish, breakfast on the go, a healthy snack, there’s really no limit to when you can eat this. Just store it either in a large jar or in individual sized containers to the kids can grab and go, and you’re set. And it’s not incredibly time consuming.

I usually make it for one apple only, sometimes two. You can make as much as you want.

apple pie spice

1. Core, slice, and peel your apples. I have an apple corer, but they’re kind of annoying, so I really only use it when I make baked apples. I generally just slice the sides off the apple. Faster, and you don’t have to be Hercules to get the job done.
2. Chop the slices into chunks, and throw them into your food processor. Give it a whirl.
3. Once the apples are pretty well blended up, add your apple pie spice, nutmeg, or cinnamon, if you’re adding it. I really don’t recommend the addition of sugar. That takes the healthy right out of this healthy snack.
4. Give the processor another whirl to mix the spice(s) into the sauce. Store in the fridge. Or eat right away.

This won’t keep more than a day, so if you are making a large batch, I would add a bit of lemon juice to the sauce. You won’t really be able to taste it, just don’t add a lot. A little really goes a long way. Even so, with the lemon juice it won’t last more than a few days at the most. But it’s so good and raw and cold and sweet and juicy that I’m sure there won’t be any left to worry about. 🙂


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