Cleaning List(s)

I have four cleaning lists. These are works in progress, I just came up with them on a whim yesterday. Basically, I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and after seeing things on Evil Pinterest, I decided to do it.

Daily Weekly Monthly Seasonal
-clorox counter
-make bed
-sweep kitchen floor
-wipe table
-clean sink
-vacuum messes
-sponge shower
-baking soda trash
-change dish towel
-vacuum house
-wash sheets
-wash futon sheet
-spray futon foam
-vacuum windowsills
-scrub and wipe toilet
-scrub kitchen sink
-scrub kitchen counter
-clean kitchen floor
-dust house
-clean mirrors
-clean faucets and handles
-clean kitchen chairs
-clean step stool
-wipe down bathrooms
-mop floors
-dust baseboards
-change bathroom hand towels
-change placemats
-clorox fridge inside and out
-wipe down cabinets
-wipe down house doors
-clean windows
-clean microwave
-dust fan blades
-deep clean shower
-clean comforter
-sweep exterior doors/porch
-shampoo carpets/rugs
-wipe out oven
-clean mattress and pillow protectors
-clean burners and pans
-organize closet/dresser
-orange clean window sills
-organize cleaning closet
-organize linens
-clean trash cans
-clean baseboards
-dryer sheet baseboards
-organize kitchen and pantry
-change air filter
-clean toaster ovens
-clean under bed
-dust blinds
-clean oven
-clean cabinet and fridge tops
-rotate mattress
-wash outside windows
-wash exterior door
-dry mop walls
-clean inside cabinets/drawers
-clean air return cover
-dry mop ceilings
-wash curtains

Hopefully this will be some help for anyone who needs to get started but doesn’t want to/doesn’t know where to begin/both.


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