THE Perfect Chicken Marinade

I’ve mentioned before how much Alex and I hate chicken. As in, absolutely hate it. As in, if there’s a chicken breast walking down one side of the road, we’re running to the next county over to use a road there. Chicken is just… awful. It probably has something to do with how much I had to eat dry, disgusting chicken as a child. It was cheap, my parents always kept us fed no matter what sort of financial hardship we were experiencing, but… it was chicken, and it was nasty.

Unfortunately, Alex can’t afford to buy 5-6 days worth of beef from Whole Foods every week. We can only get 3, and lamb and goat is always seriously expensive. So the other 2-3 days per week (we usually end up at either his mom’s or dad’s for dinner one night per week) we’re stuck with chicken. I do my very best, but we tend to throw a lot of chicken dishes out. Or, we did, until I discovered THE marinade. It works with everything, because it just covers the chicken rather than making it taste a certain way, and it’s a fully customizable marinade. Just put the base ingredients in, and then add whatever else you want.

lemon juice
olive oil
sea salt
black pepper

1. Thaw your chicken in the fridge. Don’t thaw it in hot water unless you’re absolutely desperate and must have food ready in the next hour, and don’t thaw it on the counter all day. Chicken is finicky like that.
2. Cut the chicken into bite-size pieces. I generally cut my chicken while it is still slightly frozen. It cuts easier and isn’t as slimy, and also makes less of a mess. I also tend to cut it smaller than bite-size, just so it hides the chicken flavor better.
3. Put the chicken pieces in a ziploc-like freezer bag. Do not put it in a regular sandwich bag, as it will leak. And taste funny.
4. Add the lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper.
5. Close the bag without pushing the air out. Shake around.
6. Squeeze the air out of the bag, reseal, and shake some more, rubbing the chicken a bit to move the marinade around.
7. Pop in the fridge.

This marinade will do some serious chicken flavor damage in a few hours, but it’s really great left overnight. Just cook your chicken as normal. I still recommend butter or ghee for cooking. You could leave your breasts whole for this, but then you would really have to leave them overnight for the marinade to fully penetrate.


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