G’day, mate!

Hi! Welcome to littleyellowjar, just the best place on earth! That is to say, welcome to my life, which I like to think of as being entirely within the confines of a little yellow jar. My reach extends just far enough, but not too far. I’m safe, but because my world is glass, I’m daring. And yellow is my favorite color. It’s super fun and a great coordinating color, or just a wonderful way to make things POP!

I am Jen, and there is an Alex in the equation, too. He’s usually working his super cool techy nerdy job that I am totally jealous of.

I spend my days cooking, cleaning, crafting, designing, being a computer nerd (a very fashionable computer nerd… but a nerd nonetheless) and otherwise engaging in general quasi-housewifery. Yaaayy awesome. I lie, it’s fun 🙂

I become intrigued by the simplest of things. I find life fascinating, as long as I’m snug in my jar.

I like to bake. And make clothes. And do crafts. And make jewellery to match my clothes. I am such a nerd it’s ridiculous. But so is my Alex, so it works out great. I’m an avid reader. I don’t like watching TV. Except Game of Thrones. And Breaking Bad. Ok, fine, and Southpark and Shark Tank. Whatever, we don’t have cable at least. I love designing. I’m not a fan of money or the spending of money. I’m really good at cleaning. Too good at it.

This blog will be all about our adventures! Remodeling, redecorating, refashioning, designing, DIY, recipes (lots of food allergy friendly ones that are deLISH!), our assorted pets (which currently means my Alex’s cat [but she lives with his mom right now because our house is not pet friendly at the moment] but I will be getting a dog [or a chinchilla!] at some point. Hopefully soon.), and just anything fun we do (ha, HA).

I hope you enjoy my blog. Everything on here will be extremely budget friendly, because like I said, we don’t like spending money. Hopefully you’ll find lots of easy-peasy things to do, either fun or making-life-easier things. Preferably both 🙂

Happy reading (and doing!)


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