Yes, cleaning. We all love this. It’s our favoritest thing to do ever, right???


But we all do like the end result. There is nothing quite like having a clean home. Getting started can be annoying, and nasty, and you might consider yourself a slob. Don’t worry, you probably are. Most people are. No matter how clean a house looks, you can probably lift the rug and find months worth of nastiness under there.

My dad used to tell me to clean my room (which was always a giant pigsty), and so I’d go and shove everything in my closet and under the bed. I’d have to force-shut the closet doors and never open them again, and arrange the comforter so you couldn’t see under the bed, but it worked. Until my dad caught on. When he noticed this, he brought me a box of trash bags and said to get busy. I had to pull everything out of my room and my mom and I went through and she ended up making me throw away over half my stuff, all because I was too stupid and lazy to keep my room clean in the first place. So now I have a major issue with dirty, cluttered areas.

Our house is currently a construction zone. We’re putting in new drywall, painting everything, refacing cabinets, putting in new flooring, scrubbing and painting the exterior, painting the counters, painting the cabinets, possibly painting the appliances, ugh. It’s a pretty endless list. So I’m not being all ridiculous about how clean this house is, because it’s kind of a lost cause. Or, it has been. We’re in the home stretch, and I need to start cleaning it to sell. And then take my cleaning list and schedule to the new house/apartment/car/trailer/shed/tree.

Things I hate cleaning because they’re a pain in the ass:
-bottom cabinets: really? what idiot thought these up?
-cabinet kick boards: see above
-cabinets in general, although I do recognize their uses. I personally prefer shelves.
-windowsills that are not tiled/marbled/stone of some sort because they can’t be cleaned cleaned.

There are more, but I’ll end there. I hate a lot of things in houses. Stupid people think them up, and they are completely impractical.

I’m going to have my cleaning lists and cleaning schedule here, as well as how I clean certain things, because lots of people just do it wrong. Not saying YOU do, just… someone else reading this might. I’m a little anal and bitchy about my cleaning. Alex has learned to just back off. He already learned this from watching his dad and stepmom, she’s the same way as me. We have a system. Leave us alone. Go play video games. Shoo.


All house cleaning, with the exception of the use of orange cleaner, has been Kitty inspected and approved.

Cleaning List(s)
Cleaning Schedule
Cleaning Closet Contents
All About Body Odor: A Girl’s Journey Into Acceptance


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